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You once told me that you like me because you’re comfortable with me. I can’t figure which part of me you really liked but I was pretty sure that I liked you even more that’s why pursuing seems to be never a problem at all. You deserve more attention and decided that I won’t look for any person and you remain incomparable from others. We constantly see each other and even spend excessive time talking in your room. We liked the company of each other’s embrace,burying my face in your chest doesn’t bother you at all. With you hugging me from my back, makes me feel safe more than ever. We talked random topics alike and never bothered the deeper ones, and always gave nods if it becomes interesting. When silence fills the corner of your room, you would immediately kiss me which we both linger so much. Yet one day, you exposed a part of yourself that hurt me so much. It was so blinding that I was not armored with the best suit of emotions at that time but I have the feeling that you’re suddenly pushing me away. With that sweet and laughing moments we share, replaced with a inaudible debate. I can hear your words clearly but I can’t understand what you mean. What that usual embrace you held became alien to what we both feel. With that sweet kisses and warm cuddles, became toxic utter of words and its definition of pain. But here I am, continuing to keep you in the set of my feelings while you lay waste to our treasured moments. I’ll never replace what we had and still have you in the grasp of my heart. I’ll never let go while you’re on my grip.


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